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My name is Wendy Gilbert. I'm a UX/UI Designer from the DC Metropolitan area with over a decade of creative experience. Over the past decade, I have failed... failed many times... 

Here's a little story: I've been laid off and unemployed for what felt like an eternity. I've done online courses and felt too overwhelmed so I never finished. I have a degree in something that I never pursued. I went from job to job because they felt like... well... jobs. And then the pandemic happened and the world decided to shut down. So what did I do? I got myself back into learning mode. I enrolled in a UX/UI online program and used my degree to its advantage! While I am grateful to be able to design for the past decade, I have turned myself into more than just a designer, I am a UX/UI Designer who has captured problem solving and digital thinking skills to the next level. I am a creator for all design needs. And back to where I said I failed. Yes I have but I'm happy to say that I failed forward!

Also, side note, I enjoy photography, cooking, painting and watching true crime on Netflix. Don't be shy, say hi! :)

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